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Web Page Ideas

Your Basic Package comes with five web pages which includes your Home Page. But, there is so much more that you can use your site for. Check out these page ideas below.

You can add as any pages to your site as you like for just $10.00 per page. There will also be an additional fee of $2.00 per page added to your monthly fee.

Make your site the "Place to Be" for your congregation, community and friends!

Just some of your Web Page possibilities:

HomeThis is the "entry" or "front door" to your site and is required. Your Home Page is included in the Basic Package.
Who We AreA short write-up about the church, it's mission statement and vision. You could also add some history of your church if you don't have a dedicated History Page.
Our BeliefsSummary of our doctrine and beliefs with links to The Church of the Nazarene Articles of Faith.
StaffPictures of the staff, their bios and testimonies.
Meet Our BoardPictures of the current board, their bios and testimonies.
Pastor's Page or BlogPicture of the pastor and a write-up or devotional. Can be a blog page that is linked to your site if you wish.
Special EventsSpecial events directory.
Schedule of ServicesWeekly Service schedule. This is usually included on your Home Page but if you have a lengthy schedule you may want a whole page.
CalendarA Google Calendar that is integrated or linked to your site.
MinistriesA small church may need a page for every 4 or 5 ministries. Larger churches may prefer to have a page for each ministry. Several possibilities are Adult, Ladies, Men's, Youth, and Children's Ministries.
SportsYou may have one page for each sport such as softball, soccer or volleyball or list them all on one Sports Page. This is a good place to list schedules for practices and games. Also, great for team pictures.
WorshipPictures and information about the worship service.
Praise TeamPictures and copy about the Praise Team, it's music and musicians.
ChoirPictures and copy about the choir director and members. A great place to put your practice schedule.
NurseryNursery policies and schedule.
Children's ChurchPictures and copy about activities during Children's Church, bios of workers and scheduling.
Sunday SchoolOne page may do for a small church but the larger church may want a page for each class. Include a picture of the teacher, a bio, a testimony, and if possible, a picture of a class session or activity.
Small GroupsInformation about any small group activities you may have.
Vacation Bible SchoolInformation, dates and downloadable PDF registration forms.
MissionsInformation about your mission society, activities, Links Missionary, etc.
LocationGoogle Map showing location of church.
Church Building MapLayout of your church building. Could include pictures of sanctuary and classrooms.
For TravelersLocal weather, time and tourist activities in the area.
For VisitorsWhat can visitors expect when they visit your church?
Contact UsYour email, church address and phone number.
HistoryCopy and pictures about the history of the local church.
ResourcesResource links such as online Bibles, Commentaries, Devotions, etc.
LinksDistrict and General Church Links.
Site MapMaps your entire site.
Photo GalleriesPictures of special events, history, sports, etc. There are several different options for your photo galleries.
Peppermint SquareOur brand new mini-site that replaces "Safari Kids" and "Kids at Heart". Peppermint Square is linked to your site and is designed and maintained by Nazarene Pages. This site counts as one page of your package but you are actually getting many more "pages". Areas of interest are jigsaws, scrapbooking, photography and fishkeeping. These really "fill out" your site and provide new content every month.