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Peppermint Square

Peppermint Square is a selection of blogs and sites for all ages to enjoy and participate in. Currently, there are four interest areas to explore.

Peppermint Square can be added to your site and only counts as one page of your package even though it adds dozens of pages of fun activities. This updated mini-site takes the place of "Kids at Heart" and "Safari Kids".

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Area One: Scrapbook Cafe

Scrapbook Cafe is a brand new blog for scrapbookers. New content will be added monthly with tutorials, layouts and scrapbooking tips. You will be able to discuss your own ideas and post pictures of your scrapbook creations for others to see on a special Flickr Group.

Area Two: Jigsaw Korner

Jigsaw Korner has been available for some time and has hundreds of online jigsaws for all ages and skill levels.

Area Three: Aquarables

Parables From the Aquarium - Aquarables is a blog for those interested in fishkeeping. It will be updated monthly and will contain information, tips and stories about fishkeeping. You may jump in and add your own insights to this blog.

Area Four: The Rusty Shutter

The Rusty Shutter is a photography blog especially for every-day photographers. There will be how-to's, tips, examples and maybe a challenge or two for you to participate in. New blogs will be posted monthly and you will be able to upload your own pictures for others to see on a special Flickr Group.