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Website Maintenance and Design


Answers to Common Questions

1. Who will be our Internet Host?

Internet Hosting is provided with every one of our packages. We work hand-in-hand with 1 & 1 Internet, Inc. using one of the fastest, safest, most efficient, and most secure servers available. 1 & 1 Internet, Inc. is a member of the United Internet network of companies, and they have formed strong partnerships with major global players such as Microsoft ®, Linux ®, and Cisco ®.

2. What do I need to know about web design?

You do not need to know a thing about web design or maintenance. We do it all for you from setting up your hosting service and acquiring your domain name, to designing and maintaining the nuts 'n bolts of your site.

3. What is a Web Secretary?

Your Web Secretary is the person you appoint to be the contact person from you to us. They will be in charge of sending us all information, updates and photos needed for your site. Your Web Secretary should be committed to keeping the site informative and up-to-date!

4. How do we pay for our site?

You may send checks or money orders made out to: Jan Shotts. Send them to:

Jan Shotts
Nazarene Pages
1326 Whisper Way
Benton, Illinois 62812.

5. When do we pay for our site?

  • Your deposit is due upon acceptance of the design concept. Your deposit is 25% of the Design Fee.
  • The Set-up and the remainder of the Design Fee is due upon approval of the site.The site will not be published until this is received.
  • Your Maintenance Fees will be due on a quarterly basis. Monthly payments can be arranged, at your request, at an additional $5.00 per month.

6. What happens if I am late with a Maintenance Payment?

There is a $5.00 late fee every month that you are late. If payment has not been made in 3 months, your site will be deleted and your hosting package canceled. No refunds will be given. Please email us if you are having financial difficulty. We will do our best to work with you!

7. Will Nazarene Pages change their Maintenance fees on us?

While we do reserve the right to change our fee rate (with a 30 day written notice) we will maintain every effort to keep prices down and not change your fees.

8. What is a Maintenance Schedule?

A Maintenance Schedule is a calendar showing which weeks we will be doing maintenance on your site. The basic package includes maintenance twice a month. Your new content information will be due on Tuesday of that week. Except in emergency event cancellations, updates will be performed only at these times. Your schedule will be emailed to your Web Secretary immediately after your site is published. There will be a fee of $10.00 for each emergency update.

9. What does Nazarene Pages do during maintenance of our site?

  • Add new content that has been sent by your Web Secretary.
  • Update calendar of events unless you have chosen the option which allows you to do this yourself.
  • Check links.
  • Delete dated materials.
  • Check to be sure all pages are working correctly.

10. Why do we have to sign a contract?

Although most of us hate the "legal" stuff, contracts are a protection to both parties. We do require that our simple contract be signed by us, Nazarene Pages, the church secretary, or other board member, and the pastor. If your site is being provided by your district, then the contract needs to be signed by the district instead of the local church.

11. How do I terminate your services?

You may terminate our services for any reason BUT you must notify us in writing 30 days prior to the termination date. Likewise, Nazarene may terminate services to you by notifying the local church secretary, in writing, 30 days prior to the termination date (with the exception of non-payment). Services may be terminated for any reason.

12. What happens to our site when it is terminated?

  • If you have your own domain, upon request, it will be transferred to you. The church will then need to pay all fees associated with owning that domain. This applies only if your payments are up-to-date.
  • The design of the site is retained by Nazarene unless otherwise specified in the contract. The current site cannot be transferred and "reworked" by another designer unless you own the design per contract.
  • All computer software used to design and maintain the site is retained by Nazarene
  • You will be refunded any monies paid in advance for services not rendered.