Nazarene Pages

Website Maintenance and Design


Getting Started

1.Website Committee

If possible, appoint a Website Committee that will be committed to keeping your website up-to-date and relevant. (Yes, many times the committee is made up of the pastor. This is OK, but it can be hard for a busy pastor to find the time!) Next, our questionnaire, should be downloaded, filled out and sent to us.

Our mailing address is:

Jan Shotts
1326 Whisper Way
Benton, Illinois 62812

Our email address is:

2.Web Secretary

A Web Secretary should be appointed from this committee to be our contact person. This person would be responsible for sending us all information and updates. They do not need to know how to do anything with computers except how to email us information and include attachments to those emails when necessary.

3. Contact

As soon as we receive your questionnaire we will contact you by email. You may wonder why we prefer email over the phone? Email gives us a printed paper trail that we can always refer to in case of questions. It also helps you to think out your ideas and put them on paper before the whole process moves ahead. Actually, this can be the hardest (and most exciting) part!

4. Choose a Design

Decide if you want to use one of our templates or have us create a custom design. If you choose a template, your site can be published much quicker than with a custom design.

5. Concepts

If you decide on a custom design we will design three concepts using the information from you questionnaire. Keep in mind that these are just concepts and not finished designs. The final product may change somewhat as we work through the process together.

After we submit these concepts, you will need to choose your favorite one. Remember that these are not finished designs so they can still be "tweaked".

6.Contract Time

At this point you will need to sign a contract. Send the signed contract to us along with 25% of the design fee as a deposit.

7. Why a contract?

Although most of us hate the "legal" stuff, contracts are a protection to both parties. We do require that our simple contract be signed by us, Nazarene Pages, the church secretary, or other board member, and the pastor. If your site is being provided by your district, then the contract needs to be signed by the district instead of the local church.

8. Pages

Now is the time to decide which pages you want on your site. For ideas check out our Page Ideas.


After choosing your pages you will need to gather all of your content and send it to us. Content is all of the text, photos, schedules, mission statements, etc. that you want to appear on your site.

10.Almost There!

We will now finish your site by adding your content - at which time you will have the chance to approve the final product or make minor changes. (This does not include a redesign!)

11. Payment

Upon approval, you will need to send the full payment for the Set-up and the remainder of the Design Fee. If you are struggling financially we may be able to arrange a payment schedule.

12. Published at Last!

Upon receiving full payment we will publish your site live!

13. Maintenance

10. At this point you will receive a maintenance and payment schedule. Maintenance begins after publishing your site.